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Bluetooth intercom headset for up to 4 riders – wireless hands free communication

Fits any motorcycle helmet and performs in all weather conditions. Rubberized click buttons allow for easy operation with or without gloves. All new wireless remote control for handle bar allows for safer and easier rider useability.


Product Description

Intercom Unit

  1. Motorcycle Bluetooth intercom for groups & individuals
  2. Instant/Clear/Mobile like communication
  3. Hi-Fi Stereo Speakers
  4. Connect with 3 other riders/pillions. (4 users total)
  5. 3 buttons labelled A B C so you can quickly switch from rider to rider.
  6. Maximum distance of 900M between rider to rider.
  7. Travel with excellent sound of speeds up to 120km/h
  8. Wind and noise cancellation via DSP technology (Digital Signal Processor)
  9. Frequency range: 2.45 to 2.479 GHz (DSSS)
  10. RF Output Power: 0 dB
  11. Frequency Audio response: 30 Hz to 22 KHz

Remote Control

Riding with your intercom just got a whole lot better and safer. Control your Bluetooth intercom with confidence knowing you are pushing the right buttons without even taking your hands off the handlebars:

  1. Attaches on left grip or handlebars with two brackets to suit 1″ and 7’8″ bars
  2. 6 buttons (Play/Pause, Volume + – & A B C)
  3. Only uses power when you push the buttons, with a battery life of 2-3 years. Simply replace watch type battery when required
  4. Allows safe control of your Bluetooth headset (no guess work)

Mobile Phone

  1. Works with any Bluetooth equipped mobile phone (A2DP)
  2. Automatically receive calls
  3. Play stereo music from your mobile phone
  4. If playing music, phone calls take over. Music will continue once the phone call has ended.


  1. Works with any Bluetooth MP3/GPS A2DP device
  2. Listen to GPS instructions
  3. 3.5mm audio plug & cable are included; simply plug in your MP3/portable CD player/IPOD etc.

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Additional Information


Includes 2 headsets and 2 remote controls with accessories

1 review for 4R Bike to Bike Intercom

  1. Mic Penwall
    5 out of 5


    The difference between this unit and others is the bar remote. So much easier to use and a hell of a lot safer. Awesome unit!

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