iPhone Hardcase features in AMCN


Hello, Moto Don’t you hate it when you can think you can feel your phone vibrating in your pocket, but you are not sure? You pull over, take your gloves off, open your zipper, retrieve your phone hoping it’s that all-important phone call you’ve been waiting for, and nothing. Victorian-based Motoräder imports a motorcycle-specific iPhone case that is 100% waterproof. And I mean 100%. The first time I used it … Read More →

Review – iPhone Case


Forget the rubber bands and Velcro, Victoria-based Motoräder imports a neat iPhone case specifically for mounting to motorcycles. It’s waterproof, proven thankfully in one of Sydney’s massive unexpected downpours, can be switched between portrait and landscape with a simple twist, and also comes supplied with a wiring loom and Apple charging connectors to you can have a constant power supply direct from your bike’s battery, ensuring you’re not left in … Read More →

Review – Motorcycle Cover


Cover your load If you think about it, most of those who need a bike cover also need some sort of security, because chances are the bike is parked outside. Some of us cover special bikes when parked outside, sure, but for those with no shed it makes sense to combine a cover with an alarm. So Motoräder has, including a 120dB ear-splitter with its motorcycle cover. The cover itself … Read More →

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