Cover your load

If you think about it, most of those who need a bike cover also need some sort of security, because chances are the bike is parked outside. Some of us cover special bikes when parked outside, sure, but for those with no shed it makes sense to combine a cover with an alarm. So Motoräder has, including a 120dB ear-splitter with its motorcycle cover.

The cover itself is easy to put on, and comes in range of three sizes from medium to extra-large (we used a medium on bikes the size of the Triumph Speed Triple R, among others). It locks in place reasonably well, though strong wind can lift each end. One clip under the middle, and elastic ends hold it in place using the wheels, and being easy to fit is a big deal, because it it isn’t, people won’t. Lazy buggers we are. It is waterproof when new, and didn’t let a drop in in the downpours it endured under my usage.

The storage bag it comes with did split at the seams almost immediately, but the cover itself is rugged considering the price and importantly didn’t scratch anything I put it on. And I put it on plenty.

The alarm is a simple set-up, but as most crooks wouldn’t consider a cover to be alarmed, it should surprise them – and it is bloody loud. It is possible to remove the cover carefully, if you know it’s there, without anything going off, but it is an effective deterrent for bikes that just have to be parked outside, and for unsophisticated thieves that can’t help themselves. It will certainly wake the owner up if the bike is parked close-by, possible allowing all your thief-catching/disciplining dreams to come true.

To be honest, I like the cover as it is, and at just $149 the alarm is a worthy bonus to a practical cover.

Sam Maclachlan

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