Hello, Moto

Don’t you hate it when you can think you can feel your phone vibrating in your pocket, but you are not sure? You pull over, take your gloves off, open your zipper, retrieve your phone hoping it’s that all-important phone call you’ve been waiting for, and nothing.

Victorian-based Motoräder imports a motorcycle-specific iPhone case that is 100% waterproof. And I mean 100%. The first time I used it I was caught in an unexpected deluge of the heaviest rain I’ve experienced for years. It was so heavy, there was no use pulling over to take the phone out and put in my wet pocket, I just had to hope for the best.

Opening the plastic cover, I was both impressed and relieved to find my phone was bone dry. Equally impressive is the $69.95 kit that comes with the wiring, fuses, DC adapter and interface cable so your iPhone can be charged on the run. The clever design means the business end of the charger is also encased, and fully protected, from water. An excellent set-up which will pay for itself over and over again and one that will get a lot of use on AMCN’s long-term test fleet.

Kellie Buckley

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